About John Douglas

In 1929 Douglas brothers John and Robert, the true connoisseurs of aircraft, set up a small private air club in a picturesque place of Greenwood, Pennsylvania. The brothers performed stunt flyings and amused tourists by flights in foothills of Appalachian Mountains. The cockpit in old biplanes was open and during flights all guests received leather jackets and helmets, which they could buy after the flight.


During one of the stunt flyings John Douglas wrecked, and after rehabilitation he realized he could not fly any more. So he dedicated his life to aviation clothes. First the production was small-scale, but soon he started to receive orders for leather jackets and helmets from U.S. Army Air Forces and the production increased.


Starting from 40s and till 80s two factories John Douglas Co produced clothes for U.S. Army Air Forces, and the rapid development of private aviation gave birth to the first day –to-day line. So the production of clothes for private pilots saw the light. Love for the sky and aviation affected a lot the style of outwear. 


Today the brand is produced in Europe and integrated with European garment companies . It’s dedicated to the true connoisseurs of sky
and romance. John Douglas is for those who value style and uncompromising quality.